“We are back” and as icing on the cake with a new EP “Desire”

After a long hibernation, A Dolphin wakes up again as a rock band with a solid rock repertoire and a dazzling rock show, mostly with their own songs.

Our new EP “Desire” will be released on all possible channels on 07/15/2021.

This Belgian production was recorded at the Jupiter studio with Koenraad Foesters as sound engineer and Kenny Clarys as producer.

After 2 weeks of intense work, 12 songs were recorded from which 7 ended up on the EP “Desire”.

As a bonus, Billy Steinberg, composer and author of the classic Drove all Night, gave his approval to A Dolphin to make and release of our version of this worldwide hitsong.

We took pleasure in embracing a piece of our soul and our passion in “Desire”.

Rock & roll never dies!